Saturday, November 19, 2011

Oh my God.

Inspiration and pissing me off this is.

This is, of course, about Twilight.

It was a specific topic on a board on Twilight Sucks.

It's called "Twilight to have been an action film?". It was commenting on an article in which a producer was saying what would have happened if Paramount got its hands on it. Here are some highlights of the numerous scripts that Paramount was thinking about getting:

Bella would have been more badass.

There would have been a Korean FBI Agent looking for vampires.

There would have been a SWAT vampire hunting team.

More boys. More action.

Ummmmm.... SIGN ME UP!!!!!!!

Holy shit this sounds WAY MORE EXCITING than the boring ass movies that are out. It was simply because of these possibilities that I'm scrapping MY boring ass fanfic that's too faithful to Twilight. I was like "fuck it." I'm gonna redo everything. Well, I'm gonna try.

Well read the whole excerpt from the board. It's sad.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Oh wow

Warning: Teenage Speak Ahead

You know I could talk about college, or my asshole of a drama teacher or Occupy Wall Street or Veteran's Day... but imma talk about this instead:


What's SWATH whoever is out there may ask?

Well it's looking to be a very anticipated movie for me... as in hot and epic and FUCKING AWESOME!!!!

It's called...

Snow White and the Huntsman

Yes with Kristen Stewart, CHRIS HEMSWORTH, Charlize Theron, and Sam Claflin. And they're all hot.

Don't believe me? Look at these pictures:

Kristen Stewart

Note to people: I think she's hot especially as a badass rocker babe. And as Snow White.

Chris Hemsworth

What else can I say? He's just...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....... GAH-GEOUS!

Charlize Theron

Um, yeah. She's super sexy, especially as the Queen.

Sam Claflin

I LURVED him as the hot priest- ahem, I mean missionary - in Pirates of the Caribbean 4. And he looks even more gorgeous in this!

Okay? Still don't believe that they're all gorgeous and that this movie will be (PRETTY PLEASE JUST BE) epic? Watch this trailer:

Yeah, this movie better be fucking awesome. Or I'm pissed.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Some Blog Fodder about Our Favorite Villain

Overheard while talking about Loki...

"Stay away from Loki! He's mine."

*Death Stare*

"Or maybe we could share..."

*Maniacal Laughter*

"Not at the same time!"

And as heard sprinkled in other conversations...


As for which should be and probably will be better...




Yeah, after hearing about the D23 Avengers clip in which Tony Stark and Loki have an interesting conversation (expect that to spawn even more Tony Stark/Loki Slash) and even before that... I've loved the Avengers.

Well, I guess me and Marvel are like me and Star Trek - I tried to be different (or the same, I don't know) and like Star Wars better, but my heart and everything else tell me, yeah, I like Star Trek a thousand times better (guess what Star Wars is).

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